A Visit to the Ryals Family Farm

Lately, I've become really interested in finding out where the food I eat comes from. Lucky for me, I buy the bulk of my cheese, as well as my yogurt, goat meat, and eggs from a very nice farmer named Bill Ryals at the Farmer's Market here in New Orleans.  Bill and his son Blake farm their sprawling family goat farm, along with two Latino workers who live on site, in Tylertown Mississippi, about two hours due north of New Orleans.  Bill and Blake take a lot of pride in what they do, and with good reason.  They work very, very hard, they farm responsibly, and they sell yummy things.  On my recent visit to the Ryals' farm, I met a lot of well cared for animals (a rarity in our modern world, it seems), and I also got a small taste of what's important to the people I depend upon in order to eat the way I want to eat.




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