Photo by Monique Leon.

Part 7: Old Buildings

Chances are, if you live in a neighborhood along Saint Claude Avenue, you live in an old building. It may even be the reason you live here. These masterfully crafted, aging, and often dilapidated houses stand on some of New Orleans’ highest ground. In other words, they’ve become hot property. In this episode: real estate, zoning, the arts corridor, restoration, scale, density, and a hint at the future.

People in Part 7: Miss Saint Claude, Dan Lauricella, Robert Elmwood, John Andrews, Peggy Bienville, Keith Weldon Medley, Malcolm McClay, Polly Noble, Kym Valene, Dave Melerine, Lee Walker, Dan Eaglin, Pres Kabacof, Roberta Gratz, Peter Horjus, Julian Doerr Mutter

Music in Part 7: “Losing Game,” Greg Schatz; “Golden Parachute,” R Scully and Rough 7; “Go to the Mardi Gras,” Professor Longhair; “Saint Claude Avenue,” The Geraniums; theme music by Greg Schatz


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