(L to R) Michael Markey, Frank Donze, Roy Markey, and Nick Faust // Photo by Eve Abrams

Part 6: New Kids on the Block

Who are these new people moving to the neighborhoods along Saint Claude Avenue? (People, like me, for example.) What does it mean to be “from” here? And why on Earth would anyone want to move to a city that flooded so badly?

People in Part 6: Roy Markey, Frank Donze, Luke Allen, Francesca McKenzie, Arielle Schecter, Katie Hunter-Lowry, Robert Elmwood, Diné Butler, Karen Crain, Beth Butler, Debra Campbell

Music in Part 6: “You’ve Got to be Crazy to Live in this Town,” Alex MacMurray; “Hope You’re Coming Back,” Jazz Vipers/Joe Braun; theme music by Greg Schatz


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