Dan Lauricella // Photo by Jonathan Traviesa.

Part 5: The G Word

Some people can barely even say the word gentrification. Others blame it for a host of problems. Still others think it gets a bad rap. Let’s get into it.

People in Part 5: Meghann McCracken, Dan Lauricella, Keith Weldon Medley, Richard Campanella, Eppy Livaccari, Joanne Livacarri Cieutat, Barry Walton, Julian Doer Mutter, John Andrews, Ron McClain, Miss Saint Claude, Augusta Elmwood, Pres Kabacoff, Brooke Butler, Beth Elmwood, John Armant, Kathy Hall, Steve Nuccio

Music in Part 5: “Chellar,” Helen Gillet; “Lazy River,” Louis Prima; theme music by Greg Schatz


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